Maharashtra SSC Results 2023: Kolhapur retains its 2nd position in state with 96.73% pass percentage


Kolhapur: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education announced the results of Secondary School Certificate SSC (Class 10) examination conducted in March 2023 online at 1pm on Friday. Comparing the SSC result for year 2022 which was 98.50 percent, this year the result for Kolhapur division decreased by 1.77 percent to reach 96.73 percent but still retained its second position amongst the nine divisions of Konkan, Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Amravati, Latur, Nashik and Nagpur from the state.
Kolhapur division maintained its second position in the state with 96.73 pass result, while Konkan division once again topped the state with 98.11 pass result. While Pune division came third with 95.64 pass percentage.
Mahesh Chothe, the in-charge president of Kolhapur division of the board said, “1,28,933 students from 2316 secondary schools in three districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara had registered for the examination. The exams were conducted at 355 exam centres. Out of these 1,28,503 students gave the exam from which the number of pass students is 1,24,312.
In Kolhapur division, the result for Kolhapur district is 97.21 percent followed by Satara district 96.72 percent and the result of Sangli district is 96.8 percent. In this year’s results, the pass percentage of girls is 2.28 percent more than that of boys. This year, 66,996 boys have passed from 69,491 whereas the number of girls passed is 57,816 from 59,012″ added Chothe.
A total of five copying cases were found, two from Kolhapur district and three from Sangli district and the students found guilty have been taken strict action in that subject in March 2023 examination.
Meanwhile, a total of 15,41,666 students had registered for the SSC exam from Maharashtra of which 15,29,096 students have got passed and the pass percentage in the state is 93.83 percent.


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